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Facing drunk driving charges in Gilbert, Arizona?

Gilbert residents that have been arrested and charged with DUI are facing serious consequences if convicted. The laws in Arizona are particularly severe with regard to penalties for any type of DUI offense. Even the first DUI conviction with a clean criminal record can result in jail time, a suspended license, fines, community service and a court-ordered alcohol or drug treatment program. For those who have an earlier conviction for DUI on their criminal record, the penalties are increased radically.

Never face a DUI offense without an experienced Gilbert DUI lawyer to assist you in defending your case. The legal team at the Knowles Law Firm has extensive knowledge related to DUI defense and is prepared to assist clients charged with any DUI offense, including extreme DUI, super extreme DUI, aggravated DUI, vehicular manslaughter, multiple DUI charges, underage DUI and CDL DUI. Additionally, the team understands the proper defenses that should be taken to challenge any breath & blood tests administered at the time of your arrest. By examining the field sobriety test that the arresting officer has administered, the firm is capable of determining if your arrest was made unlawfully.

If you have been charged with DUI, you will need to act quickly to defend your rights and protect your future. You will have a limited amount of time to speak to your attorney to schedule a MVD hearing at which you can protest the suspension of your driver's license. Without your Gilbert drunk driving defense lawyer present, you may fail to obtain the outcome that you desired, resulting in a suspended license.

More About Field Sobriety Tests

In the State of Arizona, several types of field sobriety tests are administered by an officer to help determine if a person has been drinking and driving. These methods include the walk and turn test, one leg stand test and gaze nystagmus test, among other more unconventional examinations. While these tests only prove to be around 77% accurate in determining impairment, officer still use this as evidence against a defendant in a drunk driving case. In reality, many factors including age, illness, balance, confusion and fear can all contribute to a "failed" sobriety test. Talk to the Gilbert DUI defense attorney or click here to learn more about field sobriety tests…

Defense For DUI, Extreme DUI & Super Extreme DUI

DUI arrests follow the same sequence in every case. Initially you are pulled over for some infraction or driving conduct that appears suspicious. This could be speeding, weaving, wide turns, erratic or dangerous driving. In some cases, the incident begins when you are pulled over at a roadside checkpoint. Once you are pulled over, the officer often leans into the car (looking for the smell of alcohol) and asks you for your documentation. They frequently ask a series of questions such as "have you been drinking?" or "have you had any alcohol?" or "when did you have your last drink?" You aren't required to answer these questions, and if you do, it can make things worse. It is always advised that you are polite when pulled over. You can politely decline to reply to such questioning. You must provide your legal documentation and basic information such as name and address.

After this sequence, you may be asked to perform a series of "field sobriety tests". You have the right to decline. This is usually a wise decision, as the purpose of these tests is merely to gain more evidence of intoxication. You should not decline the breath test as you will lose your license for a year if you do. If above the legal limit, your first action should be to contact the Knowles Law Firm. The legal team is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of DUI defense, and has amassed powerful resources to assist in the defense of even the most serious of DUI offenses.

DUI Defense Lawyer Serving Gilbert, AZ

If you have been caught in the net of law enforcement in a DUI case, it is critical that you act quickly in order to begin the defense of your case. A strategy to defend you must be determined at once. The criminal justice system moves quickly in DUI cases and it is crucial that you contact the firm with no delay.

Contact a Gilbert DUI defense attorney from the Knowles Law Firm at once if you have been arrested and charged with a DUI in the Gilbert area.

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